Wood or Stone?

The new Zai's ski's are here, handcrafted in Switzerland, based on their unique grain, both of these make every ski unique – as individual as its owners. What to choose, Zai Wood or Stone?

The Rebel, Zaï skis' latest model is out!

Zaï is for those who enjoy the finer things in life and by the looks of the new ‘Rebel’ we must say Zaï did a great job again!

Zai Concierge Service & SKi Boutique

Zai is making big steps these days in service towards their fan-base. The sensational Swiss brand is opening a Zai ski boutique in Courchevel this year. Not in Courchevel this year? Don't panic, the Zai concierge service will deliver you favorite pair right at you doorstep.

ZEAL Optics GPS Goggle Collection

Skiing and snowboarding are all about the journey—both where they take you on the snow and in life. It's best to start with a plan, but be flexible and let the road and the run take you where they lead. ZEAL Optics created the world's first GPS Goggle collection to help you launch your plan and stay informed as you conquer every crag and valley across the globe.

Kask Helmets

Let’s not discuss the use of a ski helmet anymore, we suggest you just wear one. And if you must wear a helmet why not get the perfect fit. Why not get one that looks almost as good as your head…

Zai Skis

A big step forward in the quest of creating the perfect ski Handcrafted in Switzerland, seen all over the world. Zai ski’s celebrates its ten year anniversary this year. Over the past decade they released a wide range of noteworthy designed ski’s foor all types of skiers. From beginners to Olympic athletes.

Zeal Optics

Our editors see a lot of new and fantastic gear coming out but now we really came across something quite awesome and unique. Imagine that you film everything you see without having to concentrate on the quality and focus or camera position…while hitting the slopes!

Hestra gloves

The ultimate gear is not always the best looking. Then we came across Hestra, A family build brand that produces excellent beautiful gloves in its own factory in Sweden. The company was founded by the Magnusson brothers in 1936 and is still in hands of the Magnusson clan.