Victor - Class of its own

The demand for private flights keeps rising on a global level. AlpineBooker and AzureBooker received a lot of requests over the past winter for private flights and jet chartering. As you know our core business is to find you the best rooms available but we would never want to let you down under any circumstances so we partnered up with a very unique company, let’s even say…one of a kind.

Exclusive partnership

We are more than proud to announce AlpineBooker and Victor are official partners. For those who do not know Victor yet… Victor is a smarter way to book private jet travel; a transparent online marketplace which cuts out the middle men and their hidden costs.

Founded by serial entrepreneur Clive Jackson and launched in 2011, Victor has contracted over 120 operators across the world with access to over 550 aircrafts and is growing by the minute, making luxury flight more affordable and efficient without giving-in on the exclusive character of flying private.

Victor only works with the best operators that can offer members the highest standards of safety, security and service.

Jets for Pets

Victor is also one of the first to offer you a seat for your pet so no need to ‘put’ them in cargo. Even your Saint Bernard is welcome to join you in the cabin. Pets smaller than 20cm in height and lighter than 3 kilos can even fly free of change.

How to book

Just contact our concierge James and he will arrange everything for you. Contact him directly by phone or even faster and easier, send him an email at